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Business Diagnosis

Consultants typically want to tell you the time with your own watch.  Intorqueo doesn't simply consult, it takes it to a whole new level by actually listening to you and understanding where you are coming from.

Not only will we get into the detail and identify where you are deviating from your intent, but also propose realistic options for you to decide what you will do about it.

Organisational Development

People are not always consistent and behave differently in alternate environments, often saying things they don't mean. Engaging with, and empowering your teams so that they are as effective as possible is always mission critical.

Why is your organisation unable to deliver the results that are expected?  With years of experience, we can help understand the shortfall and support its closure.

Initiative, Leadership & Participation

Leadership takes many forms and humility goes a long way to building trust.  There are a variety of leadership "styles" from Command & Control to Laissez-Faire.  

We offer the complete spectrum and will utilise the relevant approach with you, and your teams, to deliver the results that you require.

Coaching & Mentoring

Whilst organisational behaviour identifies the behaviour and interactions of groups, it's important to focus on an individual's needs.  

Through a deeper level of understanding the wants and needs of the individual, coaching and mentoring can deliver huge benefits to the business through enhanced, active engagement. 

Efficiency & Effectiveness Improvement

From Sales Growth to Operational Effectiveness, breakthrough and kaizen (continual improvement) methodologies are an essential part of ensuring your business is, and remains, relevant, simple and competitive.  

With a wealth of experience, and supported by subject matter experts across all functions of the business, we are able to create, lead, support and embed best working principals that suit the company you are, and want to be.

Exit Strategies

"Start with the end in mind" said Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.  As a business owner, it's essential to know what you want.  

With experience of selling, buying, turning around, breaking up and closing down companies and our extensive network of associates, along with our own strategic ambition, we will support every stage of your decision making process. 

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